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Interesting Historical Information on Body Piercing

Posted on Jan 23, 2013

Body piercing has been practiced for as long as five thousand years. It has, in the beginning, as it is now, been used as a personal expression, a religious ritual, an official, or royal distinction, or more often recently, a trend in fashion.

It began with the first tribes and clans, the oldest human races. The jungle tribes in South America, Africa and Indonesia. The religious castes of India and the Pharos of Ancient Egypt. The philosophers of Greece and the soldiers of Rome. Then all the way up to the middle classes,and the aristocracy of the 18th and 19th century. It was all but forgotten in Europe during the early 1900’s, what with two world wars and the concerns of a growing world, until the 1970’s where it found itself being nurtured by London’s pioneering fashion gurus and artists in the Underground!

By the 1990’s, piercing had finally reached the attention of the entire globe closing the link from the ancients, to the modern.